Chiropractor Sydney, Like Never Before!

A Chiropractor is the only medical professional trained and educated to manipulate the spine. We are your Chiropractor Sydney.




Essential Health Chiropractors have a longstanding history of treating musculoskeletal injuries, and more importantly, preventing them through our unique methodology combining deep tissue massage, physiotherapy, exercise programs, and simple lifestyle change recommendations to compliment our expert and cutting-edge knowledge of muscle, bone, joint, spine, spinal cord, the nervous system and the human brain as only Chiropractors can do.


Your Essential Health Chiropractor Sydney provides more than Chiropractic treatment and Sports Injury Rehabilitation. We combine several disciplines of treatment tailored to each individual delivering never seen results and the highest rates of total recovery. Most patients end up being stronger, faster, better, and more flexible than they ever were ever before.


Chiropractors, unlike some other professions, spend a lot of time investigating the history of your issue to pinpoint the root cause of your pain and discomfort. This is a tiny part of what we do at Essential Health Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic.


Essential Health applies our unique approach to everything we do. Many people don’t realise we are Chiropractors when treating sports injuries unless they have been informed. Our same approach gives spectacular advancements to sports injury prevention. The same unique approach applied to kids and Chiropractic for children has opened up a whole new way of educating children and inspiring them to live a healthy life. The implications for their future are beyond enormous.


We are specialists of the nervous system, from your grey matter and your spinal cord, right down through each of your spine bones and each spinal disc in between. Our Sports Injury patients often note enhanced physical and mental capabilities compared to before the injury. Yes, damage to your spine means damage to your spinal cord, and your spinal cord is actually your brain. Think about that for a moment.


Your Essential Health Chiropractor Sydney is different because he or she will combine elements of physiotherapy, physical therapy, and massage through the eyes of a professionally trained and educated medical specialist.


This is your Essential Health Chiropractor Sydney.



One of our
Sports Injury patients even said,
“I feel like I am
the new Spider Man”


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If you don’t need treatment, we will tell you then and there. In many situations,  we can recommend simple exercise programs and lifestyle changes so you won’t need to come back again.