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Many people have conditions which result from a less than perfectly functioning spine and nervous system. Chiropractic deals with the elimination of these which includes treatment for back, arm, or leg pain, as well as headaches, trapped nerves and sports injuries.


How does Chiropractic work?

Adjustment techniques are used on the spine and other joints of the body to restore normal joint movement and relieve pain. These adjustments promote optimal function of the spine and spinal nerves restoring health.


What is an Adjustment?

An adjustment generally involves a quick thrust to a joint in a specific direction to restore proper movement. Most methods are done through the use of hands, a hand-held instrument or a device on our table. There are various ways to adjust the spine and the technique used will be specific to each patient (these include very gentle procedures for elderly people and children).


Will the treatment hurt? No.

Not with Chiropractic treatments from Essential Health. We do not make adjustments we know will cause pain. Chiropractic treatment is usually painless unless an area is inflamed in which case the treatment will be modified. You may hear a “clicking” or “popping” sound when your joints are being adjusted – do not worry. This is absolutely normal and is just like popping bubble wrap. You should feel more energetic after the adjustment, although you might experience some reaction to treatment including increased discomfort or stiffness for a day or so. Your chiropractor will be able to explain all side-effects to you.


Will my health cover pay for Chiropractic? Yes!

Most major funds pay for Chiropractic services. Please contact your health cover fund to find out if they cover you. We are contracted into BUPA, PPP, WPA, while many others pay for our services.


Do  you offer ‘NO GAP’.

No. Our consultation fees are fixed.


Can kids have Chiropractic? Yes. 

We highly recommend kids and chiropractic!


How many treatments will I need? As many as required.

The number of treatments required will depend on many factors. For example, how long you have had the problem, how serious your condition might be, your age, and your overall level of health and fitness. Every person reacts differently to treatment so it is impossible to predict exactly how many treatments will be needed. It generally takes a series of treatments for long-term changes to occur. Your Chiropractor will be able to give a guide to the number of treatments required after your initial examination.


Let’s make something clear. You will be given an exercise program, for example, a series of lower back exercises. Those who follow our advice recover the quickest and with best results.


How do I know I need Chiropractic care? Even if it doesn’t hurt, come on down.

Pain is often what first brings a person into a chiropractic office, however, if a condition is caught before this stage the amount of treatment required is often greatly reduced, and pain can probably be avoided. Conditions such as twinges, stiffness, pins and needles, headaches, poor posture, and an uneven gait (method of walking) can indicate a possible problem within the spine.


It would be wonderful if everyone had their spine checked at stages throughout the year, like a service for your spine, to catch small problems before they have a chance to become bigger and more serious.


Can I have Chiropractic care after back or neck surgery? Of course!

Yes. The chiropractor will alter the treatment to ensure that no stresses will be placed on a vulnerable part of your spine (after surgery people often find problems above or below the affected area). With the rest of the spine functioning optimally due to treatment, less stress will be put on the vulnerable segments.


Can I have Chiropractic care while pregnant? You Should!

Yes. Many pregnant women benefit from chiropractic care. Your body changes rapidly, altering your centre of gravity and your gait. This in turn stresses your spine and other joints. With chiropractic care these areas can be balanced, decreasing the levels of discomfort. We often see the mums through their pregnancy, and then assess her baby once he or she greats the world.

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