Chiropractic, what really is it?


Chiropractic for Essential Health is a new way of looking at life.


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If you treat any sort of injury, such as a hamstring strain or tennis elbow by massaging it or using the foam roller, you may not be addressing the cause of your injury. therefore, re-injury may occur or even re-occur


Chiropractic treatment is founded on finding the source of a problem, not just treating the symptoms.


Chiropractic at Essential Health Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic doesn’t recommend massaging a muscle or using a foam roller treatment without deeper evaluation and our professional advice. To stop the chances of re-injury and the cause (e.g. possibly the your foot posture, the way you run, the way you sit, the way your joints move, or not move). If a foam roller or muscle release is all you need, we will tell you. Now its time to think twice before you go ahead!


More often than not, treating only the symptoms can actually worsen pain and long term problems with patients not getting full Chiropractic care.

(e.g. you can actually de-sensitize yourself to massage and foam rolling, if you have been doing it so-often and for so long)

Chiropractic by Essential Health Chiropractors includes rehabilitation and massage only as a supplement to chiropractic principles of finding the root cause of pain and misalignment. We look at everything you do, from the way you sit, the way you walk and more. If you only knew what we see can when we look at someone walking down the street.

It is important to remember the body works as a whole.


If a joint is out of place, your muscles will be working overtime to compensate. Other muscles and joints throughout your body will further compensate. An ankle issue can even effect a shoulder, for example. Dysfunction spreads throughout the body. Habits even develop.


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