Kids and Chiropractic

Kids and Chiropractic


Are you not sure about taking your kids to the chiropractor?

Kids Chiropractic

The Birth Process. What is happening here?

Lets think about what is happening here, we can agree that the birth process is very traumatic whether it be from a caesarian or natural birth, this can cause stiffening of joints and muscles in a baby. Of course a baby can heal naturally on its own, however, the muscular or joint discomfort stiffness caused by this trauma to a child can make it a lot easier to become unsettled, and for a child who is new to this world while trying to absorb all the information around it to figure out what is going on, where it is etc.. Can be beneficial.

Lets imagine a baby who finds it uncomfortable to turn its head to the right side, so the baby is just going to do what it finds comfortable and stay looking towards its left, so its whole world is on its left side. What happens to the right side? this can include its right arm, shoulder, leg and foot, if it doesn’t look at them, it may not feel the need to use them, if it doesn’t use them, it doesn’t develop them as good as the other side. This is just a small example of how a baby’s development speed can diminish.


Growing up with these joint problems will eventually create a bigger problems down the track. Think of growing up with stiff neck/joint throughout your life, what do you think will happen once you get older?  The neck/joint will have other muscles to help it (compensations) move, or the neck will always be stiff. And a stiff neck can lead to disc lesions and arthritis, or something else.


Older kids can experience growing up pains and joint issues; these can be structural problems, for example, flat footed and bow-legged children are more prone to serious issues without the proper care.

How do we treat kids and babies? Do we ‘Crack’?

No,  we do not crack babies, we believe in just making a baby comfortable with a gentle massage around the neck and scalp, and whichever joint feels abnormal, we will gently massage/mobilize it, using an extremely light finger tip pressure.

What does this do?

This helps the baby relax and become more comfortable/possibly less stressed. as with adults the more comfortable we are the more relaxed we are, the more co-ordinated and clear minded we become.

If a child has been introduced to a chiropractor, they’ll be more likely to monitor and be more aware of their postural and muscular habits as they grow up and less likely to be afraid or in denial of any injuries. Encouraging good lifelong healthy habits is one of  the best benefits for kids at a young age.


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