Spine Health

Spine health is much more important

than most people realise.

Spine health only becomes an issue for most people when something goes wrong. If you are not having your spine checked regularly like most people, now is your time to change. You should have your spine checked as regularly as you get your teeth checked.

Spine health problems often occur without being noticed. The longer you have had a problem, the longer it will take to repair.

Here is a look at the ways you can look after your spine health everyday.

Spine Health Care Suggestion #1

Exercise your back regularly. Swimming, and especially backstroke, is a great way to work out your back and back muscles. Exercise bikes are another good way. Of course, walking is the best form of exercise of all.

Spine Health Care Suggestion #2

Bend your knees and not your hips when picking items up. We have all been told this so many times, when will we learn?

Spine Health Care Suggestion #3

Use a backpack to carry what you can. Backpacks spread the weight you are carrying evenly. Slings and normal bags put a lot of pressure on one shoulder. Handbags are the biggest cause of spine health issues for women.

Spine Health Care Suggestion #4

We spend a big part of our lives in bed sleeping. With at least ? of our lives spent on our bed, it is important to have a mattress suited to our age, height, weight and size. This is something else you can talk to Essential Health about. One size does not fit all.

Spine Health Care Suggestion #5

Get your spine checked regularly. A small problem can grow into something much more serious without you knowing. Many patients we treat could have avoided much pain and discomfort. Essential Health can find those small problems before they get worse.

We welcome you to contact us for consultation and discussion on your particular situation.

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