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Sports Injury Clinic, Sydney?

If you play sports, injuries will, and do occur.


Essential Health Sports Injury Clinic Sydney goals are bigger than just helping you get better. We know injuries are a part of participating in many sports. Especially sports us Australians love and live. So what can we do as your Sports Injury Clinic of choice?


Essential Health Sports Injury Clinic Sydney works with our clients to educate about prevention, just as much as we treat to cure. We teach you exercises depending on your sport participation.


Sports Injury Clinic trials have clearly shown the advantages of prevention through Chiropractic exercises. All Sports Injury Clinic trials have shown when Chiropractic care was added to conventional management, there was a significant reduction in lower limb strain injuries and time missed as a result of knee injuries and lower low back pain.


The trials and our experience also show our treatments can help aid in improving flexibility, strength and coordination, often to better levels than those previous to the injury. Simply by tuning your body, allowing your joints and muscles to move more efficiently, rather than overworking and under utilizing muscles and joints, we work to make you efficient!

We don’t promise
you will be the next Hulk, but if you do hulk training, you may become the hulk, especially if you paint yourself green.

Essential Health Sports Injury Clinic Sydney aids sports professionals and general patients alike. You may think you are fit because you are a sports professional, but fitness is a very complex issue.


Being fit for your particular sport does not always include having the strength and focused fitness to protect yourself against potential injuries. This is the same for non-professionals too. Fitness can be categorised into different areas.


Cardio respiratory endurance
Muscular strength
Muscular endurance
Body composition


Essential Health Sports Injury Clinic will look at your whole fitness level and compare to the sports you play. We use the same process with professional athletes and those who just play a sport for exercise and fun. Obviously, the process is considerably more extensive for professionals, but the basics are essentially the same.


If you need help because you have a particular sports injury, we look at how to treat and get you back in the game fast.


Sports injuries, like other pain and discomfort can influence the whole body, and not just the area immediately known.


Spinal health is a very big issue for anyone who plays sport, professionally, or just for fun. It is a very good place to start any treatment or general check up.


Chiropractors have a longstanding history of treating musculo-skeletal sports injuries. Essential Health main focus is sports injuries as well as sports injury prevention.


We welcome you to contact us for consultation and discussion on your particular situation.


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