Testimonials are by far the best way for you to comprehend our skill.


Each patient is very different, and we will see different results. A tailored approach for your treatment is required.


In many cases, if our patient would just follow our programs, they could self-rehabilitate. If you don’t require treatment, we will tell you on your first free spine health scan and full evaluation.


Session times are not fixed like our rates. We provide treatment per session as required.


In other words, we don’t stop because of the clock.


“Dr. Saab is an amazing Doctor and a great guy. His positive approach to life and his profession changed the way I respect my body and my training. A damaged knee from rugby had me down and out. Within weeks Dr. Saab had me playing again stronger and with more agility than I ever had.”


Mark. 27. Rugby Player. Rockdale


“A herniated disc had me off work and the Doctors wanted to operate. I was loaded up with medication while I was given time to make a decision. A friend suggested I have a chat with Dr. Saab. This young man took a completely different attitude to my situation. I could not believe how many questions he asked. He gave me a pretty tough exercise and stretching program. He changed my diet. He changed the way I now do many things, even the way I walk. Apparently certain foods help with rehabilitation. He even recommended a new mattress to get. I didn’t have the operation and I got off those painkillers. Thank you Dr. Saab.”


Mr. Keith Woodhouse. 48. Small Business Owner Trades Industry. Kogarah


“If I did what I was told by Dr. Saab, I could have been back at work within weeks, but I didn’t. I should have. I learnt my lesson. Dr. Saab is not just someone you go to get a ‘crack’ and think it will make you better. You will have to work your way out. If you are told to do lower back exercises every day, do them!”


Mrs Leslie . 48. Small Business Owner Trades Industry. Kogarah


We welcome you to contact us with any questions and we can go from there. We welcome you book a consultation and discussion on your particular situation. We offer free spine health checks to all new visitors.


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we offer spine health checks free. 

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If you don’t need treatment, we will tell you then and there. Our demonstration and advice is still free. In many situations,  we can recommend simple exercise programs and lifestyle changes so you won’t need to come back again.